While the city of Brampton in Ontario Canada lacks list villains like the Joker and Bane, thanks to "Brampton Batman" it does have its level A list hero.

For the last three years the man known by day as Stephen Lawrence, a 38 year old manufacturing worker, Brampton Batman has prowled the streets at night in full garb doing good deeds and interacting with the public. In fact he really enjoys being stopped for photos or to be asked questions so if you're in the area and spot him make sure you say


Wherever he goes people welcome him in, and why wouldn't they? Even the Dark Knight needs to eat after all. Recently he stopped in at the Kelsey's on Bovaird. Pictured here with the owner, Aman Gill.

While many of us dream of owning Lamborghini's Ferrari's and Porsche's Stephen set his sights on purchasing a Batmobile, and recently he has pulled it off showing that all it takes is hard work and a dream.

Whether he's saving lives by giving CPR, saving commuters by helping change a flat tire or simply posing for photos with fans he seems to be doing what he has set out to and making the world a more enjoyable place.


Never have I been more happy to see someone land their dream ride.


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